Bible Fellowship (Sunday School)


At Hillabee, we have Bible Fellowship classes for all ages and seasons of life! It’s a great place to connect with others while studying God’s Word together.
In a Bible Fellowship, you will learn to study and apply the scripture to your life. Check out the information on our classes below. Currently, our Bible Fellowships are using the “Explore the Bible” curriculum from Lifeway.

We have a class for YOU!

Preschool Department, Birth-1 year, Nursery Room:

2-3 Years, Room D-1:

PreK-Kindergarten, Room D3:

Children’s Department, Grades 1-6, Room D4 and Room B2:

Youth Department, Grades 7-12, Room B3:

Adult Department:

College & Career – Room B6
Men 2 – Room A2
Men 3 – Room A3
Men 4 – Room C3
Ladies 3 – Room A1
Ladies 4 – Room A4
Ladies 5 – Room C1
Ladies 6 – Room C4
Young Adult 2 – Room D5

A = Upstairs behind Sanctuary
B = Downstairs of the Sanctuary
C = Long hallway downstairs of the Sanctuary
D = Educational building beside the Sanctuary

Please see the assistant directors in the welcome area for assistance if needed.